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If you are looking for a loan tailored for you that can “change” according to your needs, then you can count on flexible Fostal Bank Loan. What is it in summary? Poste Italiane’s flexible loan is a loan that allows the amount of the installment to be changed or the payment to be changed at the end of the loan. The amount that can be loaned ranges from € 3,000 to € 30,000 for a repayment period ranging from one year to a maximum of 108 months. To obtain product advice, you can consult the Poste Italiane website in the “Make an appointment” section if you have an activation code or customer care code, or you can call the toll-free number 800.00.33.22. This also applies to post offices open on Saturday mornings.

Features and requirements Flexible Fostal Bank loan

Features and requirements Flexible Fostal Bank loan

Flexible Fostal Bank loan is a personal loan that can be requested by residents in Italy with a demonstrable income from work or pension produced in the country. Requesting a flexible Fostal Bank Loan is quite simple, in fact it will be sufficient to go to the authorized Post Office with the following documentation in hand:

– Identity document valid.

– Health Card / Fiscal Code.

– Document or model stating your income.

For customers with particular characteristics or in order to gain access to particular promotions in progress, additional requirements or documents may be requested by Poste staff in addition to those mentioned above.

Flexible loan repayment and repayment

Flexible loan repayment and repayment

The methods of financing and reimbursement vary depending on whether you hold a Fostal Bank Account or a Postal Card. For Fostal Bank Account holders Fostal Bank Flexible Loan is disbursed in a lump sum with direct credit to the Fostal Bank account. The duration of the loan ranges from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 84 months, which can be extended to 108 months if the Installment Change or Installment Rate options are exercised.

As for the reimbursement, this happens through the payment of fixed monthly installments with automatic debit on the Fostal Bank Account of the subscribers. Flexible Fostal Bank Loan for holders of a postal passbook is also issued in a single payment, with direct crediting to the bank account of the person requesting it. In this case the duration of the loan ranges from 24 months to a maximum of 84 months and the repayment includes the payment of fixed monthly installments automatically debited from the applicants’ bank account.

The loan is granted after the valuation carried out by Astrofinance and Cleopor The contractual and economic conditions of the loan are contained in the information documents available at all authorized Post Offices. Poste Italiane SpA – Fostal Bank Equity, on the basis of a distribution agreement signed between the parties and at no cost to the customer, places the products of Cleopor and Findomestic Banca SpA, on a non-exclusive basis.

Installment Change and Installment Option

Installment Change and Installment Option

How to change or skip an installment with Fostal Bank Flexible Loan? Each time the loan is granted, a “Basic Installment”, a “High Installment” and a “Low Installment” are defined in the contract. For Basic Installment means the one chosen at the time of the request for the loan, the High Installment is instead the maximum installment beyond which the customer cannot increase his monthly payment and the Low Installment represents the minimum below which one cannot go down.

If the amount of the installment is increased, the duration of the loan will be shortened. Conversely, if you decide to lower the installment amount, the repayment will be longer. The installment exchange can be done once every month but after having repaid at least 6 installments, if the repayment is made regularly with a debit on the current account (RID) and not simultaneously with the other Salata Rata option.

The customer with the latter option can instead postpone an installment for a maximum of three times, installments that are moved to the end of the loan for a total number of installments that remains the same. Under what conditions can the installment jump be made? After having repaid 6 installments, after having repaid them regularly and debited from the current account (RID) and not at the same time as the Installment Change option. The payment interval of 12 installments must be respected between one installment jump request and the next, as written on the contract in black and white. Installment change and installment can be done at the authorized post office or by calling the toll-free number 800.00.33.22. For all other information we recommend visiting the Italian post office website on the following page.

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