Non – Interest – Free Credit


A non-interest-free or free credit is a type of loan in which the creditor gives the debtor a loan free of charge, or without interest payments, and just as much money as the debtor has borrowed. This type of loan is usually used in the non-banking sector to attract as many customers as possible by providing them with the first loan free of charge, and then by submitting other loans at a fee.

An interest-free loan is usually offered only to the company’s new customers, and rarely does the company hold shares that are offered to existing customers. At present, the competition for quick loans is so high that almost every second creditor offers such a service, otherwise the attraction of new customers is difficult!

Loan without a job?

Loan without a job?

A loan without a job or an official job is a service where a bank or non-bank creditor issues an SMS loan to a person who does not have an official job. At first glance, this service seems totally wrong, but realizing that the absence of official work does not mean a lack of money, the service starts to look much better.

Basically, if a person does not have a job but has an independent income, they can come from casual work, from unofficial work, from sources of passive income or from social guarantees, and credit, though it is difficult to get, but it is possible to get it, but if one has no Independent income, then it is not possible to get a loan, therefore a loan without a job is possible, but a loan without independent income is not possible.

Interest-free credit without a job?

But what happens if we combine these two services and want a non-interest-free loan without a formal job ? First of all to understand that most creditors, once they understand that a person does not have a formal job credit refusal, but if the loan amount is small enough the lender may not ask you this question, and assume that the amount is small enough that even without income repay it you can.

Essentially, if you have an independent income that you can prove with an account statement or otherwise, then this service is quite possible for you, but without a job and no-income credit you are unlikely to get. And also, if you can get this service be careful, because repaying it will be much more difficult than getting, so be cautious and borrow responsibly!

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